essay on world peace

essay on world peace

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essay on world peace

Importance of world peace

  1. World peace leads to increased globalization. Globalization is the act where people from different countries are able to interact freely with each other in various aspects.
  2. World peace also leads to the promotion of tourism. With peace, people are freer to tour any country of their choice without fear of violence.
  3. World peace also contributes to cultural exchanges. People are able to interact freely with each other and they can learn different cultures from other people.
  4. World peace also contributes to more developed economies. This is because people are able to carry out both domestic and foreign investments without fear of the risk of future violence.
  5. World peace also contributes to the unification of people to fight unfair vices. People are able to speak with one voice to get rid of vices like racism, religious discrimination and gender inequality.
  6. World peace also contributes to the reduction of wars. Warring countries or internal nation conflicts can be reduced if world peace existed. War is the main cause of human suffering in the world.
  7. With world peace, you are also assured of increased freedom of people. People get more freedom whether they are from different religions, race or country. This promotes global cohesion.

How to achieve world peace

  • We can achieve world peace through having international bodies that will ensure that every nation upholds world peace. Such a body is United Nations and other world organizations that ensure every country has the responsibility of promoting peace.
  • We can also achieve world peace through upholding democracy. The main cause of world violence is dictatorship. When countries have the freedom to vote, they are able to choose the right leaders who are peace friendly.
  • World peace is also achieved through globalization. When globalization is encouraged, countries will uphold peace since they will avoid going into war with countries that have economic ties with them.
  • We achieve world peace when there is equal representation of nations in international bodies. This will ensure that no nation is oppressed and no nation is left behind. When some nations are not represented, it creates inequality which may stir violence.
  • World peace can also be achieved by raising awareness of the importance of world peace. Nations can create awareness to their citizens by teaching them on the benefits that they will get when they have peaceful coexistence with other nations.
  • World peace can also be achieved by sharing the country’s wealth equally. This is by giving equal opportunities to all and not overtaxing the poor. This will reduce the cases of rebel movements.